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Here is the list of names we have. It includes the Grads of 1960, plus others who attended or who we recall were in school with the class of '60 either at Brooks or Max from about grade 10.

We particularly wanted to include the people who took classes with us at either Brooks or Max in the fifties, but did not graduate. See the Grade 7 photos by clicking here.

We know we've missed some; please help us complete the list by contacting a committee member.

Where are we now? 2/5 Powell River, 1/5 lower mainland, 1/5 Vancouver Island, 1/5 everywhere else. About 1/2 of those attending are out-of-towners, 1/2 from town.

Please email us with known email addresses that we need. (We won't be posting email addresses or phone numbers on the webpage, just names.)                See 2010 Alphabetical Photos Here

Email Addresses we need     Emails we think we have right      Deceased   

email addresses we need help with..... or totally lost contact... - email the committee at prclassof60@dlfpr.ca

Clare Percival Wamsley
David Bowman
Diane Chisolm Ferris
Enid McDonald Hart
Fran Burger Behan

Frank Hollands
Gerry Moore Kennedy
Heather McLean Marks
Howard Anderson
Jim O'Byrne
Larry Henderson

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Marilyn Borden Vlahovic
Marilyn Olsen Scott
Marvin Lockstead
Richard Bell
Ron Kirshner
Sherri Urquhart Hannay
Sylvia Zarichuk Jacoby

classmates, alphabetical by first name who we have contact with.

" ☺ " have paid or firmly committed to at least one event at the 2010 reunion 27-29 Aug

"Regrets" replied had other commitments

Errors do creep in! Please let us know if our records are wrong!

Alan Statham
Alex Meilleur
Art Cheshire
Barb Campbell Simmons

Barb McNolty Larkin

Barry Young Regrets
Bernice Muir Regrets
Betty Jenkins HamiltonRegrets
Betty Kojan
Bill DeGroot
Bob Barfield
Bob Boodle

Brian Scorer Regrets
Bruce MacDonald

Bruce McKnight  Regrets
Bud Smith
Carol Edberg Regnier

Carol Cramb Arrowsmith  Regrets
Clint Oldale

Clive Kent
Cody Windsor

Connie Dalzell StewartRegrets
Dave Anderson
Dave Stevenson Regrets
Dave Florence

Dave Harper

Dave Johnson

Deanna Lundquist Anderson

Delores Tremblay Pfister

Diana Lucas Coles Regrets
Diane HooffRegrets
Dorothy Astrope McDonald
Dot Embree Nelles
Doug MacDonald

Doug Gardiner 

See 2010 Alphabetical Photos Here


See 2010 Alphabetical Photos Here

Dwight Heritage
Ed Danyluk Regrets
Ede Duke Yaroshuk
Elaine Dini Angelius  

Eleanor Eckman PetersRegrets
Ellen Johnston Metzner Regrets
Gail Hicks McNamara

Gaile Lapp Rudisill
Gail McDonald ShawRegrets
Gary Mavis

George McCullough

Georgina Mattick McCubbing

Gisele Laforce Regrets
Gloria Hinds Turner

Grant FidlerRegrets
Harold Long
Herman BroekhuizenRegrets
Howard Bennett

Jack MacDonald

Jack Sing

Jack Vlug 

Jacquie Moore MacDonald
Janet Clark Lyall
Jeff Thompson
Jo Ann Taylor McDowell
Joan Williams Lutz 

Joe Mastrodonato 

Judy Hammond Lally Regrets
Judy Hogan Black

Judy Peel Henry

Karen Lloyd Newton

Kathy MacGregor Brand

Kathy Harris Bombardir

Ken Skorey

Larry Stapleton
Lia Strathof Verkerk

Lillian Lauridsen Tilley

Lorraine Couvelier Matheson
Louise Poole Gjennestad Regrets
Lucille Gustafson Barfield
Marg Small Hamilton

Marg Kenmuir Zohner Regrets
Marilyn McPhalen Gardiner
Marilyn White

See 2010 Alphabetical Photos Here

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See 2010 Alphabetical Photos Here

Marg Hollowell McLean Regrets
Mary Smith Koivu

Mary (Maria) DeJong Regrets
Maureen Barry Shields Regrets
Maureen Behan Zohner Regrets
Maureen Evans Vlug Regrets
Neil Wilshire
Nonie Hopkins Fisk Regrets
Norm Behan

Pat Gobbee MacLean
Pat McKenzie Krell

Peter McComber  
Peter DonkersleyRegrets
Philina Nunn MilanczakRegrets
Rena Vitellone Villani Regrets
Richard Bell
Richard Parker
Roger Randall

Ron Crotogino  Regrets
Ron Nassichuk Regrets
Roy Davies  Regrets
Roy Vizzuti Regrets
Sandi Scarff Wideman

Sandra Egan TremblayRegrets
Sharon Bayer Warner

Sharon Blakeney CoburnRegrets
Sharon Letts Forslund

Sharon Pulkrabek Adams

Sharon - Babe Piccinin
Sheila McPhee McCuish 

Sheldon Ahola
Stella Leach Barkowsky
Stu McCrae

Susan Morrison Schinmann Regrets
Tina MacIntyre Hanlon

Tom Dawson

Tom Oldale 

Tom Preiss
Tom Vanichuk 

Vicki Drader StewartRegrets
Vicki Mattick McClennan

Wanda French Cook
Wayne Langdale

Wayne Jacobson
Wayne Young
Wendy Southcott Mobley

Winston Cummings

See 2010 Alphabetical Photos Here

Deceased  ... our apologies to all those living who's name found their way onto this list...

Alan Young
Anita Tilley
Barry Dickie
Bob Gawley
Dave Sutton
Diane Lalonde Lablanc
Doug Matheson
Ellen McNeil Taylor

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Fred Ilott
Gary Daly
Gordon Davies
Harald Jensen
Harold Arneson
Harold Lennox
Harvey Steele
Jim Snyder
Jim Wenham
John Birt
Karen Nyberg McDowell


Kay Townsend Zohner
Locke Campbell
Lynne Scouse Nixon
Mike Kenmuir
Pat Cole Morley
Peter Knorr
Peter Long
Ron Slater
Sandi Murray Geddes