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What's New
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 The reunion was a fun weekend for many.

About 50 at dinner, 60 at the picnic and over 40 at the legion. 

From feedback received so far, the reunion was a success.  Thanks to all who participated.
Major thanks to JoAnn McDowell for the majority of the Photos so far, also thanks to Barb Langdale who added quite a few along with a few by Dave Florence
More welcome, particularly if you see people or interesting shots not already covered; or ..video to youtube 

email prclassof60@dlfpr.ca or post to the Facebook or Google pages 

An idea emerged during the reunion for a cruise as the next reunion activity; perhaps not waiting for our 60th anniversary in 2020 (the traditional 5 year interval).
(e.g. a pre-positioning cruise, to LA or even thru the panama)
In view of our aging; if we do anything in 2020 locally, the present committee suggests something VERY simple (e.g. a single fully commercial meal event with people making their own plans for any other group activity)
An email soliciting interest with options will follow in a month or two.